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DateCircular No.SubjectSegmentCategoryProduct
February 21,201920190221-1 DR Mock Trading on Saturday 23 February 2019 ALLTrading OperationsALL
February 19,201920190219-3 Adjustment of Futures and Options contract of OIL INDIA LIMITED (OIL) on account of Dividend DerivativesTrading OperationsEquity Derivatives
February 14,201920190214-1 SETTLEMENT SCHEDULE FOR THE PERIOD 01.03.2019 TO 31.03.2019 ALLPost TradeALL
February 13,201920190213-2 Master Circular - 2019 ALLTrading OperationsALL
February 13,201920190213-1 Reporting for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) applications and systems offered and used by market intermediaries. ALLRegulatory and ComplianceALL
February 12,201920190212-1 Commencement of business by Trading Member – Findoc Investmart (IFSC) Private Limited (Member No. 5054) ALLMembershipALL
February 11,201920190211-1 Consolidated Circular ALLPost TradeALL
February 08,201920190208-1 Extreme Loss Margin File ALLPost TradeALL
February 07,201920190207-1 Mock Trading on Saturday, 9 February 2019 ALLTrading OperationsALL
February 05,201920190205-1 Clearing and Settlement of Debt Securities DebtPost TradeALL